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We believe in choice. You have 2 excellent options for your surgery.

Option 1. CCH: Cornwall Community Hospital

Recently renovated in 2012, the newly improved operating room at the CCH is government controlled and offers OHIP covered procedures. Operating times are controlled by the hospital waiting list.

 Advantages of operating at the PVSC include:

  • Government covered surgeries except for upgraded lens options.

Direction to location:

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Option 2. PVSC: Premium Vision Surgical Centres

Recently finished construction to be to be a state of the art operating room with top of the line equipment, PVSC is a private centre that offers none-OHIP covered procedures. Operating times are controlled by the centre waiting list, which is much shorter than the CCH.


​Advantages of operating at the PVSC include:

  • Shorter waiting list, even same day of the consult and testing surgery is possible
  • Top of the line equipment to calculate and adjust the IOL power which results in higher chance of being spectacle free
  • Refractive Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery (ReLACS), which is a gentle, painless more accurate surgery than manual cataract
  • We guarantee the results to be spectacle free for distance in 99% of the patients
  • Laser vision correction option and guarantees
  • Much quicker turnover
  • A private centre feel

Direction to location:

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